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Friday, July 11, 2003
It seems like I'm so busy creating my own porn that I rarely seem to look at all the non-Trixie porn plugged-in to my site and houseboy's site already. That's too bad, because a lot of it is top notch.

Pornstalgia is one of my favorites featuring vintage porn flicks. I love retro porn - it's not sanitized and fake like so much contemporary porn. Old pornography is hairy, fleshy, and convincing.

The other day I watched one of my favorites, "Smart Alec" with the most luscious Candy Barr (one of those fit yet appropriately fleshy old-fashioned girls proving that you don't need a gym membership or plastic surgery to have a perfect body). One of the best parts of the movie appears almost immediately when the guy starts groping her breast in a way I never see in today's porn. He cups it, squeezes it and rotates her boob up and around and back down while pushing down the fabric. Her tit looks SO palpably fatty and juicy unlike the standard silicone jug of today. Mmmm!! Watching the groping aroused me.

My other favorite part of the movie involves some wrestling between Candy Barr and the man who tries to straddle her chest and force his dick in her mouth.

She fights him off and THAT is just . . . yeah. Sexy. She comes up with a creative way to satisfy his need for oral sex, but I won't spoil it for you. You can join or to watch it for yourself. I believe it's clip 8 on Pornstalgia which you can get to from our members-only pages.

I do have a couple of problems with my Pornstalgia plug-in; one is that they overdubbed some obnoxious ragtimey silent movie piano roll music for all of the films audio. Another problem is they flat out lie about when the movies were actually made. They say that a movie is circa 1936 when clearly it's much younger than that; the woman is wearing a bullet bra for Christ's sake. 1936 my ass!! And with "Smart Alec" they tell us the movie was copyrighted in 1972. Maybe that's when they reissued it or something, because the movie was actually filmed in 1951. Or perhaps they lied for legal reasons concerning the age of the young porn starlet, Candy Barr? Hmmm. . .