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Monday, May 17, 2004
Is Little April's Site Sick and Wrong?
Every so often a porn site springs up that offends even the most jaded adult webmasters. If we don't think it's just plain sick, we at least worry about the legal implications for our industry when someone builds a porn site around a girl who looks this young:

CLICK HERE to see the whole website - it's "safe", she's LEGAL.

It's not just a matter of a young looking 18 year old, it's the matter of dressing her up and posing her in sets that scream "PRETEEN!" rather than high school senior. Little April is seen in modest looking panties, holding props like pinwheels and stuffed animals. Her "bedroom" is decorated in frills and princess pinks. Adding to the illusion of new adolescence are the braces (an irresistible staple of the most successful barely-legal teen sites). Does a girl on the verge of attending college look like this?

CLICK HERE to see the whole website - it's "safe", she's LEGAL.

No, she does not. She looks more like some poor unfortunate being groomed by her daddy. If you fantasize about fucking her, you'll just have to admit that you're fantasizing about doing something that would be really really really wrong in real life. Many of the most charming photos feature Little April looking UP in that classic Hollywood pose of female subordination. Young, short, weak . . . like she'd do anything for the person towering over her. I noticed other poses feature her with really shitty posture . . . what's more immature, youthful, and smacks of insecurity than a little girl without the confidence to throw her shoulders back and stand up straight? You look at her, and think VICTIM! VICTIM! VICTIM! Well, that's not all you think. You probably think, "I'm going to join her site and not feel guilty about my depraved fantasies, because she's over 18, right?"

The fact of the matter is that most healthy people fantasize about doing things that are wrong. We fantasize about ramming into the slow-moving car ahead of us. We fantasize about stealing. We fantasize about killing really stupid assholes holding public office. And we fantasize about fucking people who are not old enough to be fucked. And most healthy people don't act on those fantasies. So is it sick and wrong to enjoy Little April's pictures? Yes, it's sick. But it's not wrong ;). Hell, I just got done masturbating to them. As long as no one got hurt, there is no more problem with masturbating to Little April than there is watching Oprah every day or reading the books in her bookclub. Hell, Cameron Diaz is more of a threat to women (young and old) than the Little April site. Cameron Diaz is a fucking "role model" and she acts like a fucking twelve year old in interviews. Like, yeah. Watching and hearing that stupid insipid twat is five million times more insulting, offensive, and scary than looking at this fakey staged manipulated teen porn.

As a side note, I think it would be more wrong to fuck a 30 year old woman with a wardrobe and bedroom decorated like Little April's than it would be to fuck a mature 14 year old. Not that I'm planning to do this of course, strictly hypothetical. ;)

I do wonder if years from now the Little April model will feel grossed out by the types of fantasies she catered to with her little college-money job. I hope instead of disappearing that she gets fake boobs and becomes a totally independent bossy MATURE whore and then goes on a killing spree, kicking the asses of every one of her old "fans" who winds up complaining about her growing up and out of her preteen look.