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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
FOSTERS: Australian for "Stretched Out Pussy"?
I needed a quick cum this afternoon with my vibrator and a live camgirl, so I logged into one of the cam networks I perform on. Two chicks were performing at that time: one was Samantha Luvcox of Extreme Hole. I immediately passed on viewing her because it pains me to see stretched out holes. I *know* a twat can accomodate a *lot*, but I have very inelastic skin myself so I feel like my own taint is tearing whenever I see a maxxxed out cunt.

Look at what Samantha can jam in her pussy!

Instead I decided to watch a british girl, but her accent turned me off so bad I wound up watching the extreme penetration chick instead. Surprisingly enough, I came within about 45 seconds of watching Samantha squatting on an aluminum Foster's beer can, raising and lowering herself on it, sliding it in and out of her pussy while she dragged her clit up and down the side of the blue beercan. Seriously, it surprised the hell out of me how excited I got watching this. Maybe I'm just extra horny because I'm ovulating though. Anyway, I know lots of people totally get off on crazy bizarre insertions, so I thought I'd share her site as a resource if you're one of them -- she's worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing and seems to have a great personality in addition to her curiously accomodating cunt.

$1.85 for a 3-day trial