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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Her First Ass to Mouth:
I'm not sure why I only post links to fairly extreme sites on this blog. Hmmmm. . . anyway, "Her First Ass to Mouth" is a new site -- Tucker and I just watched ALL of the free videos and it looks like a well done site with quality shooting and a variety of girls with personality. The guys are fucking hot too. I love the verbal domination and LOVE the interview portion of the videos where the guys are just kicked back fully clothed on either side of the girl knowing they're going to be banging her ass in moments. I like that psychological element of domination and humiliation.

Ass to mouth is a pretty common request during shows from fans of anal. Guys like to know if you'll take cock or a toy in your mouth after it's been up your butt. I've done it in the heat of the moment but it's pretty rare that I take it up the ass with anything bigger than a small toy and when I do, it's usually not for a "show" so there's not "atm" on my site except if you happen to catch it on our voyeurcams happening spur of the moment.

I fondly recall a cam-to-cam viewer I used to have who put on fantastic shows for me. He was very fastidious in his preparations, getting his shiny toys all lined up on a clean towel before laying down and exposing his shaved ass and balls to me. He always wanted me to "make him" do ass to mouth with his toys. Hehehe. Sometimes he would cheat, but other times he would really deep throat a long dangly toy of graduated beads. Ahhhh -- what a good man he was.

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