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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Sapphic Erotica
I cannot stand fakey staged lesbo porn. I hate the fake nails, I hate the growling, the hammy howling, and the "dog-worrying-a-bone" porno pussy-eating.

But I love girls kissing.

Most corporate porn machines churn out predictable, artifical, hardcore crap with absolutely no subtlety or sensuality. Sapphic Erotica clearly is not made by a corporate porn machine. Though the site is run by a man, Bailey, he's clearly a real girl-on-girl connoisseur for which the site is a labor of love, not something he views heartlessly as a cash cow.

Though I'd still like to distinguish the pretty young things on Sapphic Erotica from real dykes, there is something sweetly convincing in the models' lovemaking. Bailey's photos and videos convey the genuine feel of youthful nymphs experimenting as girlfriends tend to do with one another.

Sapphic Erotica features lots of sensual kissing, panty play (mmmm, I love white panties!), and a diversity of "looks" with the models. Though they all seem to be white and young, still they are a far cry from the typical porn "lesbians". Some of them even have (gasp!) HAIR on their pussies! Speaking of hair, it's also a delight to see girls with natural flowing hair on their heads in shades other than peroxide blonde. And hey, three cheers to Sapphic Erotica for all of the natural titties!