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Saturday, August 06, 2005
Are you ready for another barely legal site featuring a young blonde with braces and small titties?

Meet Little Summer:

Legal & Naughty!

My boyfriend was watching live webcam shows by other amateurs when he noticed Little Summer's show. Normally we webwhores can expect between 400 and 800 viewers on this particular network; Little Summer had over 1300 viewers watching her and her little playmate giggling and acting girlish.

That's a very big audience.

I do think it's important to think critically and with an open mind about the barely-legal teen porn market. You've got to ask yourself . . . why are all of those people watching such young-acting and young-looking teenagers? I think we have to acknowledge that the taboo lust for teen flesh isn't limited to sex offenders and freaks of nature. It seems that most of us are aroused by people (or FANTASIES of people) of an age and behavior pattern that's considered "wrong" by society . . . and often IS wrong enough that most of us have the good decent sense not to act on those fantasies. What's frustrating to me is that though the majority of mainstream non-porn society capitalizes on youthful desirability and sexuality, it's mainly the porn industry that is attacked and irrationally held accountable for sexualizing youth. That seems so backwards to me when the more subtle advertisements and mainstream films seem so much more insidious. Example: we were walking through a major department store and happened upon the women's lingerie section. Oh wait! It was the JUNIOR'S lingerie section! Two little girls (maybe 12 years old) were unchaperoned sifting through the selection of GARTER BELTS. Garter belts marketed towards pre-teens? That is truly fucked up. I was shocked and really disturbed by it in a way that I am not when looking at porn which is A FANTASY. It is not porn's fault that big corporations are telling little girls they should save up their babysitting money to buy sexy undergarments.

Enough deep thoughts! Enjoy this free gallery and video of Little Summer and check out the trailer in her guest area too. It's cute, silly and so naughty!