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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Last week Tucker shouted for me to, "come here! You have to see this!" My boyfriend knows my foibles all too well; there on his computer screen was a deliciously mesmerizing chocolate ass, bouncing and wiggling firmly but with much hypnotic motion. It was Sapphira Chanel doing a live one-hour show on the camz network (where we also perform).

Smart Ebony Glamour Model, Sapphira Chanel:

My idea of heaven is being surrounded by beautiful black-girl booty in motion 24-7 so I was already favorably impressed by her ass. I am triply in lust after checking out her website, though: none of her photos have that stupid "nobody's home" look that so many porn people have, and it's clear upon reading the text on her site that she's articulate, thoughtful, and has high standards for herself and her site. These are all subtle points that the average porn surfer might not appreciate, but when I find these qualities in a fellow webwhore I really take notice. There are some people whose expressions convey complex thought, and some people whose expressions communicate nothing but a mental flatline. Looking at some of the images on Sapphira's portfolio combined with reading this interview have convinced me she is within the top 5% of webgirls as far as intellect, entertainment, good taste, and well-roundedness are concerned.

I'm putting this woman in my top ten list of juicy sites I want to join, and most-kissable-ass if I ever get a chance to meet her at an industry event.