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Saturday, April 08, 2006

NOTE: Since I wrote this, "Coco" has become Nicole Graves and her website is totally different-looking than when I penned this blog entry. She's still the same person though!

I came across this new solo-girl site, NaughtyCoco, the other day. Nothing about her or her tour really appealed to me EXCEPT a certain standout portion during her free masturbation video.

Click pic for Coco's site:
click for free video of babe masturbating
(free video accessed via her site)

There's nothing unattractive about the girl, except that she and her site look like SO MANY OTHERS and strike me as formulaic and fakey. But wow, I got really excited watching her video. For one thing, I like the way her shaved pussy looks, all puffy (those of you who know me well probably think I don't like shaved pussy, but that's not the case: I just get tired of seeing so much bald pussy with no hair to balance it out, and hearing people freak out when they see snatch in its natural state really bugs me but it's nothing against shaved pussy, just the rampant conformity of the shaving trend).

But back to what I like about the video; I love the part where she closes her legs, keeping them together, and starts thrusting upwards into her vibrating dildo. It is SO RARE you see a porn chick masturbating with her legs closed but according to many studies MOST women orgasm more easily with their legs more together than spread apart. I love masturbating with my legs together, but watching porn usually makes me feel like such a weirdo in this regard because I so rarely see women masturbating or humping things the way I like. Due to this rarity, I think Coco's masturbation scenes (if those in her members-only area reflect the action in the free preview vid) might be quite precious and unique.

I can't help wondering if that is naturally how she masturbates or if she was directed to do it that way. If the guy shooting it requested that, I have to give him many many points because most guys just don't get "legs-together". Anyway, it was really nice to see.