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Friday, July 07, 2006

Warning: the following is a prime example of the high level of fanatacism a chick can experience in celebrating someone who strikes her as a star.

I could stare at this girl ALL DAY. Every single little picture and moving image I see of her ENCHANTS me and holds me positively spellbound. Lest you think I sound like a sick stalker, I've never tried to contact her or chat with her, but if I had the spare cash laying around and the time I would definitely get shows with her and join her site.

She is almost always on PrivateCamz, and almost always sporting a different "look" (which never compromises her recognizability, I might add, which makes her even more exceptional in my eyes). Today she looked like a colorized silver-screen mermaid:

I love the expressions on her face: the smirking femme fatale, the heavy-lidded horny look, the sassy tease. Her look conveys power, confidence, eroticism and witchy agelessness.

Leila Veil is an exotic beauty (she's Hungarian and Egyptian) and that alone makes her stand out, but it's her costuming and makeup that really set her apart from (let's face it) so many other beautiful Eastern European camgirls. She does the lashes, the lipstick, the COLORS, the wigs . . . she does all of that to fantastic and unique effect. Usually if you want to see beautiful costuming and makeup in internet porn you are limited to either a) goth or emo girls, or b) softcore pin-up models. Leila's style is something totally different, like a belly-dancing courtesan or a vampy silent-movie whore, she exemplifies an aesthetic from fantasies of bygone days where you imagine you could walk into a bordello and choose to go to the themed-room of a girl dressed like a cowgirl or a princess from the holy land and fuck her straight up the ass. Maybe that's it, she strikes me as a theme park, like the very best of Disneyland and a whorehouse all rolled into one sultry package or an enslaved enchantress right from the pages of a Sarah Waters novel. Yum Yum YUM!!!

THIS is the reason we watched Jennifer Garner in Alias -- for a tiny morsel of the kind of shapeshifting Leila does.

I wonder if this girl's style and look appeals as much to men as it does to me as a woman. If not, her kinky shows surely please them (I saw a wickedly nasty little archived video of her doing a piss show once). This is the kind of girl that, if I were rich, would try to hire her to put on live sex shows for me. I don't necessarily want to fuck her with my body, I want her to fuck my eyes out, she is such a pleasure to behold. I just want to watch her and watch her and look at her and eat her up visually and see her being fucked by big men, and see her fucking men, and see her fucking women and see her sticking things inside her and hear her talking dirty in broken english.

UPDATE, JUNE 30TH, 2007: It seems Leila's site has disappeared since I wrote this, but I know she's still doing webcam shows. Sigh.