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Thursday, October 12, 2006
I love ladies in fancy dress with blouses, hose, and demure prissy hats perched atop their heads. I love them even better when they are pissing and being pissed on whilst fully decked out in aforementioned garb.

Can't help it -- I think it's totally hot, but even better than that: totally FUN!

I know you probably expect me to freak out about scenes with women getting pissed on, but my reaction to it really depends on the context. I like that stuff, especially the IDEA of it even if I don't often apply pee play in a practical way. The whole being-all-dressed-up-and-pissed-on thing is cool to me the way it's presented on this site because it looks FUN rather than degrading. It just looks like people pissing and coming all over the place because it's fun and naughty, like getting your Sunday clothes all muddy when your mom told you to keep them clean. It just looks like harmless messy FUN!

A few more galleries:
Red Hat Society
Yellow Snow
Piss Picnic

Oh, I *may* also be fond of these photos because the guys have really nice looking cocks. And because I think dressing up is such a comical farce anyway, it should be treated this way every so often. Did I mention my favorite sets are the ones with the women wearing little hats? I like how everyone's pissing on everyone and even standing on furniture and stuff to do it. I could definitely do without some of the verbage on the galleries, though, and would like if there was more chicks-pissing-on-guys. Another couple of things I like about Fully Clothed Pissing is that a) the photos are sharp and well above-average for porno, and b) the guys are not only decent-looking, but are even dressed up themselves in many of the sets which I hardly EVER see in internet porn. Plus the people genuinely look as though they're having fun and aren't just doing a job. On top of that, I love that it doesn't feature a bunch of teenaged girls.

Of course, you won't find me doing these types of scenes on our sites any time soon because I can't stand the thought of ruining my Sunday best (which is probably part of the appeal for me; it's honestly THAT taboo and unthinkable that seeing it done gives me a big huge thrill). Maybe if we get rich and can afford to piss on our clothes we'll do it.