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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mandy Is Kinky looks like a great new site for all of those fisting fans out there:

Here's the gist of the site:
Directed by the AVN-award winner mistress of the fantastic and the macabre herself, the visitor encounters sizzling hardcore sex set in the wildest locations and situations, from gothic latex vampires to a doll-fondling perverted teengirl.

These free galleries give you an idea of what's inside for members (it looks creative, darkly fun, and obviously, totally kinky):

*Demonic angels piss drinking and fisting.
*Mandy gets fucked in both holes by two psych ward hospital patients
*Dark and gorgeous vampiric lesbian scene.
*Garden nymph fists and foot-fucks Mandy's hairy pussy.

One thing that stands out to me is that she features both shaved AND hairy cunts: a rarity these days and a real treat for variety-lovers and people who like seeing unshaved pussy in porn. If I'm not mistaken, it seems that Mandy herself is the one with the hairy snatch in most of the pics I've browsed so far. Rock on!

And here is my favorite gallery: A KINKY TEA PARTY. Mandy reminds me a lot of Mimi Rogers in these photos, which is extremely hot to me, and I fucking love the light age play.

I'm not a big fan of extreme penetrations or sensation play (and the hardcore in the videos looks too vigorous and growly to me), but I'm actually tempted to join Mandy is Kinky because of the creative, well-executed, fantastical scenes; it's pretty fucking rare to see this high a level of production value allowing you to really immerse yourself in the fantasy. I love the combination of the beautiful and the nasty. Obviously there are independent porn producers out there doing this type of thing with less of a pornoglam tone, but I think this is pretty slick.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I ran across this British CFNM (clothed female, nude male) site today: Pure CFNM. I'm adding it to the list of sites I *really* want to join because the role plays are SO hot and right up my alley: women ganging up on one guy, humiliating and teasing him and making him do embarrassing things that he can't help but enjoy.

I think my favorite of the sample scenarios in their free tour is the one where a nerdy guy's mom and sister put him into an uncomfortable position when he spills his juice on his pants; his mom is all business forcing his pants and underwear down around his ankles so she can wash them before the stain sets:

mama's boy gets his pants pulled down in front of his mom and sister

I love naughty scenarios in porn that are depicted in a fun, almost campy way. The silliness doesn't ruin the erotic effect for me at all, in fact I think it enhances it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006
I love ladies in fancy dress with blouses, hose, and demure prissy hats perched atop their heads. I love them even better when they are pissing and being pissed on whilst fully decked out in aforementioned garb.

Can't help it -- I think it's totally hot, but even better than that: totally FUN!

I know you probably expect me to freak out about scenes with women getting pissed on, but my reaction to it really depends on the context. I like that stuff, especially the IDEA of it even if I don't often apply pee play in a practical way. The whole being-all-dressed-up-and-pissed-on thing is cool to me the way it's presented on this site because it looks FUN rather than degrading. It just looks like people pissing and coming all over the place because it's fun and naughty, like getting your Sunday clothes all muddy when your mom told you to keep them clean. It just looks like harmless messy FUN!

A few more galleries:
Red Hat Society
Yellow Snow
Piss Picnic

Oh, I *may* also be fond of these photos because the guys have really nice looking cocks. And because I think dressing up is such a comical farce anyway, it should be treated this way every so often. Did I mention my favorite sets are the ones with the women wearing little hats? I like how everyone's pissing on everyone and even standing on furniture and stuff to do it. I could definitely do without some of the verbage on the galleries, though, and would like if there was more chicks-pissing-on-guys. Another couple of things I like about Fully Clothed Pissing is that a) the photos are sharp and well above-average for porno, and b) the guys are not only decent-looking, but are even dressed up themselves in many of the sets which I hardly EVER see in internet porn. Plus the people genuinely look as though they're having fun and aren't just doing a job. On top of that, I love that it doesn't feature a bunch of teenaged girls.

Of course, you won't find me doing these types of scenes on our sites any time soon because I can't stand the thought of ruining my Sunday best (which is probably part of the appeal for me; it's honestly THAT taboo and unthinkable that seeing it done gives me a big huge thrill). Maybe if we get rich and can afford to piss on our clothes we'll do it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am SWOONING over this site: AllRuth.

AllRuth: Arty & Anal
Click here to visit Ruth's Arty & Anal Website!

I don't know if I've ever laid eyes upon an adult site that had so much of what I love: personality-packed with sass AND beautiful photography AND up-close penetration shots AND a really fucking gorgeous woman. Really! WOW!!

Ruth's dirty bare feet

Seriously, I am writing this spur of the moment immediately after "discovering" Ruth (oh god, I love porn chicks with old-fashioned non-porn names) and I'm not able to express myself except with gobs of drool gushing from my gaping maw.

Fucking splendid.

sassy beauty Ruth
Consider me seduced!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Warning: the following is a prime example of the high level of fanatacism a chick can experience in celebrating someone who strikes her as a star.

I could stare at this girl ALL DAY. Every single little picture and moving image I see of her ENCHANTS me and holds me positively spellbound. Lest you think I sound like a sick stalker, I've never tried to contact her or chat with her, but if I had the spare cash laying around and the time I would definitely get shows with her and join her site.

She is almost always on PrivateCamz, and almost always sporting a different "look" (which never compromises her recognizability, I might add, which makes her even more exceptional in my eyes). Today she looked like a colorized silver-screen mermaid:

I love the expressions on her face: the smirking femme fatale, the heavy-lidded horny look, the sassy tease. Her look conveys power, confidence, eroticism and witchy agelessness.

Leila Veil is an exotic beauty (she's Hungarian and Egyptian) and that alone makes her stand out, but it's her costuming and makeup that really set her apart from (let's face it) so many other beautiful Eastern European camgirls. She does the lashes, the lipstick, the COLORS, the wigs . . . she does all of that to fantastic and unique effect. Usually if you want to see beautiful costuming and makeup in internet porn you are limited to either a) goth or emo girls, or b) softcore pin-up models. Leila's style is something totally different, like a belly-dancing courtesan or a vampy silent-movie whore, she exemplifies an aesthetic from fantasies of bygone days where you imagine you could walk into a bordello and choose to go to the themed-room of a girl dressed like a cowgirl or a princess from the holy land and fuck her straight up the ass. Maybe that's it, she strikes me as a theme park, like the very best of Disneyland and a whorehouse all rolled into one sultry package or an enslaved enchantress right from the pages of a Sarah Waters novel. Yum Yum YUM!!!

THIS is the reason we watched Jennifer Garner in Alias -- for a tiny morsel of the kind of shapeshifting Leila does.

I wonder if this girl's style and look appeals as much to men as it does to me as a woman. If not, her kinky shows surely please them (I saw a wickedly nasty little archived video of her doing a piss show once). This is the kind of girl that, if I were rich, would try to hire her to put on live sex shows for me. I don't necessarily want to fuck her with my body, I want her to fuck my eyes out, she is such a pleasure to behold. I just want to watch her and watch her and look at her and eat her up visually and see her being fucked by big men, and see her fucking men, and see her fucking women and see her sticking things inside her and hear her talking dirty in broken english.

UPDATE, JUNE 30TH, 2007: It seems Leila's site has disappeared since I wrote this, but I know she's still doing webcam shows. Sigh.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

NOTE: Since I wrote this, "Coco" has become Nicole Graves and her website is totally different-looking than when I penned this blog entry. She's still the same person though!

I came across this new solo-girl site, NaughtyCoco, the other day. Nothing about her or her tour really appealed to me EXCEPT a certain standout portion during her free masturbation video.

Click pic for Coco's site:
click for free video of babe masturbating
(free video accessed via her site)

There's nothing unattractive about the girl, except that she and her site look like SO MANY OTHERS and strike me as formulaic and fakey. But wow, I got really excited watching her video. For one thing, I like the way her shaved pussy looks, all puffy (those of you who know me well probably think I don't like shaved pussy, but that's not the case: I just get tired of seeing so much bald pussy with no hair to balance it out, and hearing people freak out when they see snatch in its natural state really bugs me but it's nothing against shaved pussy, just the rampant conformity of the shaving trend).

But back to what I like about the video; I love the part where she closes her legs, keeping them together, and starts thrusting upwards into her vibrating dildo. It is SO RARE you see a porn chick masturbating with her legs closed but according to many studies MOST women orgasm more easily with their legs more together than spread apart. I love masturbating with my legs together, but watching porn usually makes me feel like such a weirdo in this regard because I so rarely see women masturbating or humping things the way I like. Due to this rarity, I think Coco's masturbation scenes (if those in her members-only area reflect the action in the free preview vid) might be quite precious and unique.

I can't help wondering if that is naturally how she masturbates or if she was directed to do it that way. If the guy shooting it requested that, I have to give him many many points because most guys just don't get "legs-together". Anyway, it was really nice to see.

Sunday, August 07, 2005
Last week Tucker shouted for me to, "come here! You have to see this!" My boyfriend knows my foibles all too well; there on his computer screen was a deliciously mesmerizing chocolate ass, bouncing and wiggling firmly but with much hypnotic motion. It was Sapphira Chanel doing a live one-hour show on the camz network (where we also perform).

Smart Ebony Glamour Model, Sapphira Chanel:

My idea of heaven is being surrounded by beautiful black-girl booty in motion 24-7 so I was already favorably impressed by her ass. I am triply in lust after checking out her website, though: none of her photos have that stupid "nobody's home" look that so many porn people have, and it's clear upon reading the text on her site that she's articulate, thoughtful, and has high standards for herself and her site. These are all subtle points that the average porn surfer might not appreciate, but when I find these qualities in a fellow webwhore I really take notice. There are some people whose expressions convey complex thought, and some people whose expressions communicate nothing but a mental flatline. Looking at some of the images on Sapphira's portfolio combined with reading this interview have convinced me she is within the top 5% of webgirls as far as intellect, entertainment, good taste, and well-roundedness are concerned.

I'm putting this woman in my top ten list of juicy sites I want to join, and most-kissable-ass if I ever get a chance to meet her at an industry event.